Three of my favorite blogs

Good morning world! Its a beautiful Friday morning out in the blogosphere, looks like it’ll be 75 degrees and sunny all weekend long! I love catching up on reading my favorite blogs on Friday morning during naptime…hope I didn’t just jinx myself…knock on wood…or computer keys. I’ve been catching up on the latest from two of my favorite blogs:

Eco-Friendly Family: Love this blog! Its such a great resource for cloth diapering but also for being green and family stuff. I’ve linked to her cloth diapering FAQ page but be sure to check out the rest of her blog for resources and information about eco friendly living.

So Easy Being Green: This is an excellent source of info for all things cloth diaper! She does these incredibly detailed reviews so that you know the ins and outs of specific diapers and other related products. Super helpful and a great resource for when you’re looking to troubleshoot or expand your stash. She also has lots of fun giveaways!

Another favorite blog of mine is The Kind Life run by Alicia Silverstone. She wrote The Kind Diet about going vegan and macrobiotic and includes a lot of great recipes. I love the forums over there, lots of like-minded people encouraging each other to eat and live well.

Well, I did jinx myself. Roo is awake and ready to play. So much for nap time, but at least I got a half hour to write this post and eat some breakfast. If anyone knows where to locate the sleep fairies, would you mind sending them over my way? We could all use a little more sleep around here!

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