Roo’s First Halloween

This was Roo’s first Halloween. And then she turned 6 months old. It has been the longest and quickest 6 months of my life! How are we already half way to one year already?! Its going by so fast and I just want to savor everything before she’s suddenly 13 and thinks I’m the worst. Of course I spent an outlandish amount on her flower costume, but hey, it’s her first Halloween!
I know Halloween at this age is just for the parents. I mean, I don’t remember my first Halloween so I doubt she’ll remember this! Unless she’s a freakin genius with a photographic memory. I’m pretty sure she’s at least a genius. I hope she doesn’t remember me unashamedly using her to collect candy though. Which I entirely ate Halloween night, except for one sad Mr. Goodyear that melted in my pocket. 
Actually, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. I hate the horror stuff and goulish, deathly decorations. But I like the idea of Halloween, or at least what it used to be- families making homemade costumes and treats, kids safely running around their neighborhoods sans parents, communities coming together for a fun evening. I guess that only exists in my idealistic memory. My family didn’t really celebrate it when I was a kid and I can count on one hand the number of times I went trick or treating. Maybe that’s why it still seems so fun and special now, and why I was so excited to dress up Roo and take her out and about.  
Do you eat all your Halloween candy in one sitting or ration it for several weeks? 

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