Bums N Beyond local cloth diaper store

This week has brought an extended visit from dear friends, a last minute out of town weekend excursion to the mountains, and the beginning of holiday travel preparations. My heart is very full! And I am exhausted! Needless to say I haven’t had much of a chance to blog, and with the holidays fast approaching my blogging may be slightly erratic. Of course, your reading of this blog may be erratic too; who has time for blog reading when cookie baking and present wrapping and family drama season is upon us!

Did you know there is a local cloth diaper store in our very own South Pasadena?!! I’m ecstatic to find this because I’ve been driving down to Granola Babies in Costa Mesa as I thought it was the nearest store that sold fluff. That store is great, but its a bit of a hike, especially with a squirmy wormy baby in the back seat.

Bums N Beyond is a little store inside The Dinosaur Farm toystore in South Pasadena, dedicated to all things eco-friendly, especially cloth diapers. If you’re local, I recommend stopping by and checking them out. Stacy was super helpful and is very knowledgable about diapers. This isn’t a full review of the store since I didn’t have a ton of time to look through everything, but she has a pretty good inventory and its a great place to go and check out different brands before making a purchase. From what I saw, she has diapers by Apple Cheeks, Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz, Grovia, and Econobum, as well as diaper accessories and several types of baby carriers. I’m sure she carries more brands of diapers but that was what I remember seeing.

I picked up some Rockin Green detergent since I’ve been having a funky smell issue and its an arm and a leg to order from Amazon. I really had to exercise will power not to purchase more, but since the hubs and I have been working on some budget issues, I figured I’d better behave. Based on Stacy’s recommendation I think Fuzzibunz will be my next diaper purchase! Can’t wait for more fluff!

If you’re in the area and are considering cloth diapering, need help trouble shooting, or have questions in general, head on down to Bums N Beyond and support a local business!

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