My most embarrassing moment. EVER!

The Hubs, Roo, and I trekked north to visit his family for the Thanksgiving holiday. We stayed at his parents house for most of the weekend, and left early Monday morning. When we visit, we typically go to church with his dad and brother on Sunday morning.

Early Sunday morning I got up to take a shower, leaving Roo in the capable albeit sleepy, hands of the Hubs. After I showered, I dried off and rolled my hair in a towel, looking like I was trying to receive some kind of radio signal (Inside joke. My dad always asked, “Do you receive signal with that?” as I trounced from the bathroom to my room in robe and towel antenna. Come to think of it, it may not be funny to anyone else. But he worked in radio so I’ll give him that joke!). This time, however, only my head was be-covered. I was, after all, just out of the shower.

As I was cleaning my ear with a q-tip, I heard a quiet knock on the door. Thinking it was the Hubs and Roo, and knowing the rest of the house was quiet and possibly still asleep, I opened the door. I stood aside of the door and opened it wide to allow the Hubs and Roo to enter. I knew he also wanted to take a shower and was probably coming to hand off Roo to me. Directly across from me, reflecting my full glory, was a huge mirror.

It wasn’t the Hubs. It was my Father-in-Law.

He began asking a question, looking directly into the mirror. We noticed each other at the same time. He exclaimed, “Sorry! Excuse me!”and went into the office. I gasped and slowly closed the door. Mind you, I didn’t slam the door as you would think one would do in such a situation. I slowly closed it, as if paralyzed. I stood there for a moment, staring at my birthday-suited self in the mirror, realizing that in fact I was awake, this wasn’t a hazy nightmare even though the lingering shower steam confused me for a moment.

A variety of scenarios played through my mind: Why didn’t I identify myself? Why didn’t I ask who was there? Why would I just open the door in someone else’s house when I wasn’t fully clothed?! He must have thought that if the door opened, the person behind it was either approprietly robed and/or the Hubs. I decided that the best thing to do would be to open the door and face him, apologize, explain what in the world I was thinking! But first, get dressed!

I heard my Father-in-law in the office next door making a phone call to the Hubs’ brother, letting him know we would soon be on the way to pick him up, so I waited a moment until he was off the phone.

I opened the bathroom door, glancing to the left to see if my Father-in-Law was still in the office. Then I looked to the right to go towards the guest bedroom. As my eyes were sweeping from left to right I saw that the Hubs’ parents’ bedroom door was open. In the open doorway stood my Father-in-Law.

He was dressed only in a T-shirt.

We made eye contact. He gasped and quickly shut the door. I headed directly into the guest bedroom and dissolved into a fit of giggles. My mind screamed, “What is happening?!” What are the chances that my father-in-law would see me naked? And also that at the exact moment I opened the bathroom door to vacate the room, he would happen to be changing from half birthday suit into something more…clothed?? But I had to keep things quiet so I wouldn’t further embarrass him or myself.

The Hubs and Roo stared at me in concern. Until the Hubs heard the story. Then he thought it was hilarious.

We proceeded to go to church. And to brunch. And spent time as a family together the next morning. Neither of us said a word to the other about it.

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