Let’s talk about poop

<img alt="Image credit: redbaron / 123RF Stock Photo” border=”0″ src=”https://kaciemacdonald.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/0f893-stinydiaper.jpg&#8221; height=”320″ title=”Stinky Diaper” width=”213″ />

Just because I’m taking a break from cloth diapering doesn’t mean I don’t still have something to say about it! This may not be your favorite topic, but it needs to be mentioned, because this is one of the first questions people ask about cloth diapering, “What do you do about the poop?”.

One of the reasons I decided to take a break from cloth diapering is the poop. I just can’t handle the poop! When a baby is newborn and simply breastfed or formula fed, its really not a problem. You simply follow your wash routine and it comes right out of the diaper. When a baby starts eating something other than breast milk, everything changes!

It may be because I’m pregnant and extra sensitive to all things gross, but I find myself unable to handle even basic diaper changes. My first idea to better handle this was to have DH do all the diaper changes. I mean, guys spend more time talking and thinking about poop right? They’re not as grossed out by that stuff as ladies typically are, so it seems only fair that the men should handle the diaper changes! LAUGH OUT LOUD! If only life was so simple. And as my hard working husband is out earning us the tempeh bacon most of the time, I’m left to mostly deal with this on my own.

If I was continuing to CD through this stage, here’s what I would do:

Option A: Purchase disposable diaper liners. They look and feel a little like dryer sheets and work to line the diaper so that you can simply remove the liner and throw it and the waste into the toilet. Simple! I have these disposable liners by Bummis and they seem fine, although I haven’t had the opportunity to see them in action. If your baby is “regular” then you can use one during the time when they are likely to have a bowel movement. If not, you use one during every diaper change.

Option B: Purchase a diaper sprayer. Its an apparatus you attach to your toilet that allows you to rinse waste off diapers straight into the toilet. I have this one by Bum Genius and it does the trick, although is pretty messy and seems to spray stuff everywhere. Ick! Definitely not something pregnancy approved! I know people who swear by these things, though, and it beats dunking and rinsing a diaper in the toilet bowl.

Do you cloth diaper? What method do you use for dealing with solid-food poop?

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