Giant Rubber Duck comes to Shanghai

I haven’t posted in forever. For-ev-er. And so the story goes with my history of blogging. But you all already know that about me right? And you know that I’ll eventually be back.

The thing is that I’m 25 weeks pregnant with Mini-Mac #3. Soon I will be a mom to 3 under 3. Even though I have help, I am constantly exhausted and overwhelmed and generally just trying to keep our heads above water. Even though I don’t have horrible pregnancies in comparison to others I know are so very sick, I still am just useless. The pregnancy exhaustion is like nothing else, harder than newborn exhaustion and harder than chasing an energetic toddler. I guess its because there’s actually a human being inside of me, leaching all my nutrients and energy. You guys, I have a full on HUMAN BEING INSIDE me! Its like you are pms-ing, fighting getting sick, feel jet lagged and like you’ve just pulled an all nighter, and have just done some kind of weird, strenuous workout all at once. For 10 months. 
I am so SO grateful for this little life inside me, and the two little lives running circles around me. But I am so so SO tired. Life with a 2 year old. Life with a 1 year old. Life being pregnant. Life in China. Sometimes its just overwhelming. I’m not gonna lie, these days can be really challenging. There are so many sweet moments, but lots of hard ones too.
As they say, long days, short years. So whiney, geez I sound like my 2 year old. 
The Giant Rubber Duck has come to Shanghai! We can see it from our apartment, so I packed up the kids and forced them into the stroller for a trek to see it. Worth it!

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