#ETHAN Project Challenge 1: Friendship

I love that we’re starting the #ETHAN project (Enjoy the Here and Now) with a mom friendship challenge.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find motherhood a bit lonely. As a SAHM I’m isolated at home most of the time with my kidlets, and there are days when I don’t ever go outside. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m an introvert. What that means for me is that I am energized by connecting with good friends on a deeper level rather than being out chatting up everyone I don’t know at a party. Unfortunately, conversations with me while my kids are around sometimes resemble turrets syndrome (and I’m not meaning to offend anyone here).

Friend: So how are you?

Me: I’m doing well (Hey you guys stop! Off the table!). We’ve been busy (Hey! Don’t sit on your sister! Hands out of your diaper!) We’re planning to go on a trip (Hey! Where are your pants?) Maybe I should call you back.

Know what I mean?

Add to that the challenge of connecting with folks back at home via Skype or FaceTime and things just get crazy.

When my husband and I started dating, he told me about some advice he had received. Someone told him that when looking for a spouse, look to the right and to the left and find someone who is already running beside you, then run together. In my experience that can apply to friendships too. I used to try to connect with people that I met in all sorts of circumstances (church, running, college, dancing, jobs, etc.) by getting together with them one on one. Like I said, I feel most energized by getting to know someone in individual conversations rather than group settings. Now, I just can’t get together for coffee dates with everyone I’d like to, so I’ve needed to figure out a new normal for maintaining my friendships.

This week I had an opportunity to meet a friend whose son is the same age as my middle daughter. The two of them play together really well, they’re two peas in a pod. We met at an indoor playground down the street and sat and drank hot chocolate while they ran and climbed to their hearts content. (and then went home and took really long naps). It was good for my mama’s hear to watch my daughter play with her little buddy. I haven’t seen kids her age play so well with others, yet these two just love each other. I love that they enjoy each other so much.

And it was also good to connect with my friend, to shoot the breeze and catch up on our daily lives. It was so simple, just sitting together watching our kids play. Yet it was so needed; we each needed the encouragement of a good listener and positive voice in our lives that day. Connecting with my friend didn’t need to be anything super involved or extraordinary, it just flowed naturally from what we were already planning to do that day (letting our kids play). We just did it together. 

Will you join me in this summer challenge to Enjoy the Here and Now? 

I’d love to hear about your experience with each challenge! Be sure to comment here or on Facebook by June 10 to be featured in next week’s #ETHANproject post! Also check out the #ETHANproject Facebook page to follow all the great bloggers involved in this summer project!

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