I’m back…Literally I’m back in China

Hello you poor, neglected little blog baby. My precious…

Oh wait, did I say that out loud? Well I’m pretty drugged up on a bad case of pneumonia + back-to-China blues + summer is almost over + my house full of friends and family is suddenly just full of us + whine + whine + plus a bad case of feeling sorry for myself.

We had a FANTASTIC time visiting America.

Blue skies, fresh air, driving, car seats, good food, friends, family, Disneyland.

What more can I say?

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my computer and didn’t get to blogging sans keyboard, thus my sadly neglected little blog. If my blog was a baby and I was its mother, I’m pretty sure social services would not be happy with me (take it from a former foster/adoption social worker).

Anyhoo, I would love to know what you’ve been reading this summer. Favorite blogs, books, magazines? Cuz I know you have a lot of time for leisure reading. I sure do.

This may be old news but I recently discovered this blog and am loving all her tutorials. She’s my hairspiration.

I’m sure everyone in the world knows about this blog but I just discovered her and I’m obsessed. She’s helping me get my mojo back.

Also helping me get my mojo back are these ladies.

I’m loving what my friend Monica is posting over at her blog about mom self care.

This summer I took an online phone photography class. I haven’t had a lot of chances to practice what I learned since I usually am juggling babies and such but it was really informative and she is a fantastic photographer. She also has an online DSLR course, which I’d love to take if I had a DSLR.

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