Begin Again.

family travel pics


Years ago, when I became a parent, I started a blog to discuss parenting things. I started parenting in my passport country, the US, and found myself birthing my third child in a new host country, China. When I started that original blog I never imagined that I would begin another journey into expat land, never expected to be a TCK (third culture kid) raising TCKs. That assignment finished 2 years ago and I once again find myself preparing to expatriate, this time to Japan. Again, I begin again the expat life cycle, goodbyes, hellos, ending chapters, and writing new life stories.


Perhaps it’s the perfect time to enter a new chapter of my professional life as well. My children, though young, will all be in school in Japan (a benefit of expat life), and I find myself for the first time since becoming a parent, alone at home for most of the day. I find myself increasingly ponderous of my life, desiring to tell my story so that the things I’ve experienced may benefit someone else.


I moved overseas when I was 10 months old, the child of missionaries, navigating cross cultural adjustment at an early age. My family traveled extensively in Asia and back and forth to mainland, US, until I was 12 when we repatriated back to Los Angeles. Throughout my young adult life I had the opportunity to travel and participate in student programs overseas, including spending a semester in Jerusalem. After college the extent of my travel included short term mission trips and vacations as well as a six month student study and mission trip in South America.


Until one day I was at home with a 1 year old, very pregnant with my second child, when I received a call from my husband asking how I felt about moving to China.


And so I find myself a little older, a little more weathered, getting ready to move again. Is it something in our blood that draws us to this type of adventure? Do we have a self masochistic streak that seeks out challenging experiences? Or is it that once you live in another country you always want a little more adventure?


Whatever the reason, lets begin. Again.

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