One reason I started this blog was to share my love of babywearing and help educate people about babywearing safety. Although I don’t post as much about this specifically anymore, I’ll add all the links to my posts about babywearing here, as well as links to resources I’ve found helpful.

I wanted to wear my baby in a carrier because I wanted to bond and keep her close, but I also found it more convenient than dragging around an infant bucket seat and easier than bringing a stroller many places. Not that I’m anti-stroller AT ALL, I’ve gone through my fair share of strollers. It just seemed easier to put my baby in a carrier and go. Then as I had my other kiddos somebody always needed to be held or cuddled and using a carrier was really practical. Now we live in a city where we mostly use public transportation and is not a stroller friendly place. 
I love that I can keep my babies close when we’re out and about because I feel like somehow I’m protecting them from exposure to germs and being touched all the time, and I like that they can experience the world from my point of view rather than sitting in a stroller lower than everyone else. However, there are times when I’m simply tired of having someone on me all the time. I’ve basically had a baby on me for 3 years!

In any case, I will look back on these years a sweet time of holding my babies close.

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