Birth Stories

In case you’re a birth story junkie like me, I’ve got you covered. Here are all my birth stories in one place.

Lucy and Addy are 14 1/2 months apart.
Addy and Jack are 17 months apart.

I had 2 kids under 2 years old. And then I had one more baby, which means I still had 2 kids under 2, and actually had 3 kids under 3. Yep, we’re insert adjective here (fertile, busy, hobby-less, crazy, dumb, fun, awesome, blessed, happy, tired…I’ve heard them all). We thought we wanted 2 kids, but when we met our first daughter, we just fell in love and couldn’t wait to grow a bigger family. We love what each of their little personalities adds to our family and how they’ve changed our marriage for the better. Are we done? Maybe, maybe not. We shall see.

Read about Lucy’s natural, unmedicated birth here.

Read about Addy’s traumatic entry to the outside world here.

Read Jack’s China birth story here.

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