Life as a TCK, 20 Years Later

This post was originally published on March 14, 2013 on my previous blog lulukangaroo. It was my most viewed and commented post ever so I thought it fitting to share the post here as well, my new blog dedicated to expat life. I wrote this before I had ever thought about moving abroad again! I … Continue reading Life as a TCK, 20 Years Later

Begin Again.

  Years ago, when I became a parent, I started a blog to discuss parenting things. I started parenting in my passport country, the US, and found myself birthing my third child in a new host country, China. When I started that original blog I never imagined that I would begin another journey into expat … Continue reading Begin Again.

5 Newborn Gear Essentials

When you're having a baby, you quickly learn that babies aren't just tiny bundles of squishy joy. They come with a whole heck of a lot of equipment. Expensive equipment. Equipment that you use for a few months and then move on to something even bigger more expensive and more short term. I remember sending … Continue reading 5 Newborn Gear Essentials