5 Newborn Gear Essentials

When you're having a baby, you quickly learn that babies aren't just tiny bundles of squishy joy. They come with a whole heck of a lot of equipment. Expensive equipment. Equipment that you use for a few months and then move on to something even bigger more expensive and more short term. I remember sending … Continue reading 5 Newborn Gear Essentials

5 Tips for Travel With Young Kids Part 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I realize that this 2 part series should actually be called "10 Tips for Travel With Young Kids" as I shared 5 tips last time and am sharing 5 more today. Oops! That's why I went into social work and married an engineer. I don't do math. I went to … Continue reading 5 Tips for Travel With Young Kids Part 2

Review on Boba Wrap and Girasol Wrap

How were your holidays? I'm still trying to recover! I really love Christmas and Thanksgiving but always find these holidays over busy and overly stressful. I hate that they usually end up being that way and wish that they could be more simple. Any suggestions? If you're investigating wrapping, I thought I'd leave you with … Continue reading Review on Boba Wrap and Girasol Wrap

Benefits of Babywearing

So I already posted on babywearing this week. So what! I'm just too excited about the new editions to my stash to not post on babywearing Wednesday! And by the way, my new sling came! Can't wait to post pics. Think I'm addicted? Maybe. But its nothing compared to some people out there! Anyways, you've … Continue reading Benefits of Babywearing

New fluff (baby wrap this time) alert!

I know I normally post about cloth diapering on Mondays, but its been a few weeks since I've posted on babywearing and I just can't wait to share my latest carriers with you! I recently and unexpectedly added some extra carriers to my stash and all of a sudden find myself with three new carriers! … Continue reading New fluff (baby wrap this time) alert!