4 Things to Know if You Want an Unmedicated Birth

Note: This post is written for those who desire to have a natural, unmedicated birth. Its not meant to shame anyone for having their baby a different way, whether by choice or circumstance.  This one time, my brother was born in the back of a car on the way to the hospital. And I was … Continue reading 4 Things to Know if You Want an Unmedicated Birth

Jack’s Birth Story

About 1 month before going into labor, the only bump picture this time around! So it turns out that when I'm pregnant I'm pretty much useless. I haven't had horrible pregnancies; as far as pregnancies go I know some people's have been much, much worse, so I'm not complaining. But I'm not riding a unicorn … Continue reading Jack’s Birth Story

Addy’s Birth Story

And now for the most traumatic of them all. When Lucy was 6 months old, I got pregnant with Mini-Mac #2. Yes, I know how that happens. Yes, I have hobbies thank you very much. Yes, it was planned. And frankly that's none of your darned beeswax. So there I was, pregnant, with an active … Continue reading Addy’s Birth Story

Lucy’s birth story

In honor of Mini Mac #1's birthday coming up I thought it would be nice to finally write out each of the mini-mac's birth stories. Partly so I can have some written record and remember everything later once my brain is foggier than it is now, and partly so that I can stop telling anyone … Continue reading Lucy’s birth story