10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Became a Mom

One of my oldest and dearest friends is pregnant with her first baby and rather than just inundate her with information, I thought I'd inundate you all. Because babies. I really loved this series of posts from moms all over the blogosphere, and I appreciated what these moms of kids a little older than mine … Continue reading 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Became a Mom

#ETHAN Project Challenge 1: Friendship

I love that we're starting the #ETHAN project (Enjoy the Here and Now) with a mom friendship challenge. I don't know about you, but sometimes I find motherhood a bit lonely. As a SAHM I'm isolated at home most of the time with my kidlets, and there are days when I don't ever go outside. … Continue reading #ETHAN Project Challenge 1: Friendship

How will you Enjoy the Here and Now this summer?

When I was a young mother, I had to learn the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness, for me, is that light, easy feeling that comes when life is simple and good. Joy is the persevering peace that abides whether life is easy or complicated, full of strife or full of contentment. Learning to live … Continue reading How will you Enjoy the Here and Now this summer?

10 Things

Today was just a typical day, a whirlwind of diaper changes, feeding, cleaning up, nursing, refereeing, cooking, more diaper changes, more cleaning, cuddling, and disciplining until we finally got everyone to bed around 9:30 (which actually isn't a typical bedtime, we were out late for a birthday party). With some Chinese thrown in there too. … Continue reading 10 Things

Giant Rubber Duck comes to Shanghai

I haven't posted in forever. For-ev-er. And so the story goes with my history of blogging. But you all already know that about me right? And you know that I'll eventually be back. The thing is that I'm 25 weeks pregnant with Mini-Mac #3. Soon I will be a mom to 3 under 3. Even … Continue reading Giant Rubber Duck comes to Shanghai